A ship in harbor is safe - but that is not what ships are built for.

Sep 02, 2016

Devashish is a very dynamic and hard working person with an expertise in several programming languages. His colleagues know him as a person who always wants perfection in his work and often goes to ... Read more

Dive Deeper into World of Instant Messaging with Applozic

April 02, 2016

Instant Messaging is a thing now! Our lives today are less surrounded by trees and more with the instant messaging apps. As air is to breathe, instant messaging is to communicate. The era has come when instant messaging ... Read more

Turn any app into Whatsapp with the SaaS toolkit these guys built

Feb 12, 2016

Last year, I had four messaging apps on my phone, and it didn't seem excessive. I have family members who live in different countries. I am also more likely to give someone my Whatsapp than ... Read more

Applozic CEO talks about the future of messaging!

Jan 11, 2016

From e-mail to skype, we have seen it all and in almost every form of communication, there is a tiny void which can be completed by an instant messaging feature added to it. No matter ... Read more

6 Questions with Devashish Mamgain, Co-founder of Applozic!

Nov 25, 2015

Devashish Mamgain is the Co-Founder of Applozic, a platform that allows you to integrate messaging to your app in few lines of code without developing or building an infrastructure ... Read more

Applozic: The Best Messaging Library For You!

Oct 23, 2015

Times have changed and so have the means of communication. In today's world everyone is on the move and they're using mobile application platforms to get there. Whether they use mobile ... Read more

Applozic: Plug & Play Messaging for Your Mobile And Web Apps!

Oct 23, 2015

There are 4 million mobile apps right now in different app stores. There are 3 things most of the apps need ie Location, Payment and Chat. For location, libraries like Google Maps are available, similarly ... Read more

Applozic: From Bangalore To US, Fulfilling Every Developer's Dream!

Oct 12, 2015

A core developer dreams in code. May it be an app or web or a software developer, all of them thrive to create the most efficient, productive and user-friendly product, ever. That being said, one major ...

Applozic: A Plug n Play Product to Embed Whatsapp-Like Chat!

Sep 17, 2015

Mobile apps are seemingly becoming an engagement strategy for most digital businesses.Whatever may be the nature of the service or product, every Internet entrepreneur inevitably does hear ... Read more

Applozic: "Startups Are Breaking The Barrier."

March 14, 2016

Applozic is quick and easy to integrate mobile native SDK (Software Development Kit) which enables real time communication for your mobile applications and website, with no development or infrastructure overhead ... Read more

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